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Co-creating the future of flight cases


Santosom (STS) was established in 2000 in order to make cases for storage almost all types of equipment.
Soon it was recognized as the largest manufacturer and preferred supplier of professional flight-cases in Portugal having become a reference in the European market.
Presently, with an area of 3.000m2 and more than 30 employees, Santosom has a regular mass production for important customers worldwide and offers the possibility of manufacturing customized cases for individuals.
Creating its own and exclusive models of flight-cases and hardware, the company has the flexible solutions for almost all types of equipment.
It operates in several areas, such as audiovisual, military, sports, industry and medicine, offering more than 10.000 standard products and manufacturing any kind of cases for different needs.
Santosom ethics reflect a constant search of honesty and efficiency: be serious, transparent and correct, to invest in relation above than transaction, be effective and efficient, to invest in people as a basis of for value creation; be humble in attitude, passionate in action and ambitious on goals.



We create, develop and produce the best solutions, tailored to each need.
We package and transport projects and we take our Customer’s dreams further.
We exist for the community, for the people and environment and we assume the commitment with them.



Keep leading the national market and be one of the major players globally.
To be a world reference for the ability we have in providing bespoke solutions, in our design and construction and for the high reliability, quality and performance of our products.
To show a continuous openness to new challenges and experiences, using and investing on the latest technology and automation systems providing us the manufacturing of state of the art products and to invest on the development of unique and patented products.
To invest in people as the basis of a value creation, on the innovation of processes and products, on the continuous improvement and training and on “I&DT”.  



Try to, at each and every moment:
· Be serious, transparent and correct;
· Be effective and efficient;
· Invest on the Relation above than transaction;
· Invest in people as a basis for value creation;
· Be humble in Attitude, passionate in Action and ambitious on Goals.