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19" Double Sliding-Rack, 12+12U 660-ARS

> ASTD.1266R
> W 1200 x D 800 x H 895mm / Weight: 82 Kg
> Santosom professional line
> adjustable rack strips (ARS)
> 10mm Birch-Ply laminated
> 35x35mm Aluminium L angle
> 4x Sliding latches
> 8x Ball Corners
> 4x Large Heavy-duty handles
> 4x Blue wheels, 2 with brake
> 8x Castor dish on case lid
> 1x Dish for tour label 185x135mm
> 4x Sliding doors
> Anti-vibration mounts
> Front and rear Lids
> Double adjustable rack strips (front, middle and rear)
> Nuts, washers, screws Kit
Available Colours & Finishing Materials