Flight case Moteur d'implant H&W, trolley

Multicases are particularly popular because they can be adapted to a wide range of purposes, offering great protection and a professional look. They are made from coated plywood or lightweight plastic sheets with aluminium profiles. This combination offers low weight and excellent product protection, some models include a trolley to maximize your comfort. Multicases are highly suitable for transport, handling and storage of electronics, instruments and other devices. Multicases are also often used as sales and demo cases, or as exclusive product packaging for long-term use. To best suit your requirements, multicases are available in different finishes and colors. Optionally, interiors can also be adapted to your wishes with molded foams or dividers.
> Santosom standard line
> 7mm Alum. hybrid lid location
> 2x Medium butterfly catches
> 8x Ball Corners
> 3x Medium Heavy-duty handles
> 6x Rubber foot
> 7mm Poplar-Ply laminated
> 22x22mm Aluminium L angle
> 5x 2524 Stop Hinge
> 8x Medium corner braces
> 1x Recessed extendable handle
> 2x Corner wheels
Available Models
Available models for H&W
> MEDIC.204 - Flight case Moteur d'implant H&W, trolley