Flight case PRO, 2x Ayrton Mistral-TC (No Foam Shell)

This new and unique manufacturing concept was especially developed for tour guide applications. This flightcase features the latest technology and materials, allows the transportation of your "moving heads" ensuring maximum protection. The foam Shell milling ensures optimal resistance against vibration and shock allowing greater durability of the equipment and lamps.
> Santosom professional line
> 10mm Birch-Ply laminated
> 32x32mm Aluminium L angle
> 8x Ball Corners
> 8x Large Heavy-duty handles
> 4x Blue wheels, 2 with brake
> 1x Dish for tour label 185x135mm
> 10mm Alum. hybrid lid location
> 2x Large butterfly catches
> 8x Large corner braces
> 2x Lid stay with hinge
> 4x Castor dish on case lid
Available Models
Available models for LEDING
> MHEAD.376 - Flight case PRO, 2x Ayrton Mistral-TC (No Foam Shell)