Flight case, Roland V-60HD

This new and unique manufacturing concept was especially developed for tour guide applications. This case features the latest technology and materials, allied a unique design ensure better waterproof and strength. Very large and heavy mixing desks need flightcases equal to these extreme requirements. A large single lid becomes difficult to handle when the mixing desk is more than 2 metres long. The 3-piece design means that two people can open and close the flight case easily. The rear of the case can include cable/patch area with or without lids and in sections if required. Numerous carefully located heavy-duty handles make for easy handling in both the horizontal and vertical planes.
> Santosom standard line
> 7mm Alum. hybrid lid location
> 4x Medium butterfly catches
> 8x Medium corner braces
> 4x Rubber foot
> 19" - 3U Front
> 7mm Birch-Ply laminated
> 32x32mm Aluminium L angle
> 8x Ball Corners
> 2x Medium Heavy-duty handles
> support Vesa for Monitor Max. (510x320x60)
> 19" - 5U Rear
Available Models
Available models for Roland
> STAT.120 - Flight case, Roland V-60HD