Flight case, 2x VICINAY ABK101-1004U 1T, roulettes

This new and unique manufacturing concept was especially developed for rigging industry. Ensuring better protection for your chain hoists, usually 500kg, 1000kg or 2000kg in size for CM Lodestar motors and control equipment. They are available in single or double configurations; other designs are available for individual requirements. Wood support cradles secure hoists into position with hooks facing down. The bottom is reinforced for shock resistance. This cases features the latest technology and materials, allied a unique design with robust plywood partitions which are CNC machined into the case side for extra strength, make it possible to drive the motors directly in and out of the case.
> Santosom Professional line
> 10mm Alum. hybrid lid location
> 2x Large butterfly catches
> 8x Ball Corners
> 8x Large Heavy-duty handles
> 4x Castor dish on case lid
> 10mm Birch-Ply laminated
> 35x35mm Aluminium L angle
> 2x Lid stay with hinge
> 8x Large corner braces
> 4x Blue wheels, 2 with brake
> 1x Dish for tour label 185x135mm
Available Models
Available models for VICINAY CEMUISA
> LIFT.125 - Flight case, 2x VICINAY ABK101-1004U 1T, roulettes