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Flight case L1ABR 60.60.80 (56x56x75 WID)

This new and unique manufacturing concept was especially developed for tour guide applications. This case features the latest technology and materials, allied a unique design ensure better waterproof and strength. The adjustable drawers allow easy storage of many types of equipment: Microphones, DIs, Wireless Systems, Cables, Plugs, Tools and small accessories, easily adaptable as an office.
> Santosom standard line
> 10mm Birch-Ply laminated
> 32x32mm Aluminium L angle
> 2x Lid stay with hinge
> 8x Large corner braces
> 5x Blue wheels, 3 with brake
> Wood inner dim. (WID)
> 10mm Alum. hybrid lid location
> 2x Large butterfly latches
> 8x Ball Corners
> 4x Large Heavy-duty handles
Available Models
Available models for AB - SERIES
> L1ABR.0606080 - Flight case L1ABR 60.60.80 (56x56x75 WID)